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Lecture 7

BIOL 3062 Lecture 7: conservation

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Dalhousie University
BIOL 3062
Andy Horn

Lecture 7: Conservation Role of behavioural ecology in conservation - Terms to know: o Invasive species: brought in from somewhere else and out competes native species o Endangered species: experiencing steep population declines and likely to become extinct o Endemic species: natural to a specific location ▪ Only found in one particular geographic region/area - Conservation o Need to understand population dynamics - Behavioural ecology o How behaviour relates to survival and reproduction - Reserve design o Want to know and understand range and behaviour of an animal ▪ How much it moves around and how it does so o Need to understand species dispersal ▪ Most offspring widely disperse to avoid inbreeding Mascarene islands - Biodiversity o High levels of endemism ▪ Lose those species, can’t find them anywhere else • Ex. Dodo bird – first time recognizing human driven extinction - Mauritius island o Very heavily populated with lots of sugar cane and tea plantations ▪ Very little remaining natural forest • Only 1-2% of total land cover considered good native forest o Introduced species ▪ Compete with native plants • Reduced food and foraging habitat for animals o Introduced animal species ▪ Eat native species or out compete them • Food competition, habitat competition, sometimes mate competition o Other threats ▪ Pesticides, hunting, illegal agriculture, pet trade, climate change o Mauritius is an ecological disaster zone ▪ A lot of threats in a very small area ▪ Some success! • Kestral: population dropped to 4 individuals, now at ~400 Dealing with population declines - Focusing on increasing production and survival o Productivity ▪ Remove first clutch of eggs early on, birds will lay a second • Removed clutch is hand-reared or fostered to older coupled birds who
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