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Lecture 6

BIOL 3062 Lecture 6: optimal foraging+predprey

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Dalhousie University
BIOL 3062
Andy Horn

Lecture 6: Optimal Foraging cont. Testing patch model - Water boatman o Suck the guts out of mosquito larvae for food – larvae are a patch ▪ Need to determine optimal gain cruve • Measure of energy gained • Vary travel time o Predict feeding/residence time, should also vary ▪ Greater travel time (more time betwee patches) = greater residence time Prey choice model - Searching for given prey, prey also moving by o Can lose opportunities to eat while looking for the best choice - 1) Decision o Which prey should I eat? Prey A or prey B? - 2) Constraints o Certain amount of energy gained from each prey type ▪ Energy per item: EAvs. EB o Handling time of prey (h , A )B ▪ Anything that needs to be done after encountering prey to consume it • Ex. Chasing, disabling prey, etc. o Search time for prey (S ,AS )B ▪ Time until encountering - 3) Currency o Want to maximize rate of energy intake ▪ EA/(SA+hA) • Energy gained/time to consume - Logic of prey choice model o Assume one prey type has more energy payoff than another ▪ Ex. Prey A Is bigger or prey B is harder to handle • If encounter A, should eat it – is more profitable o What if we encounter B type ▪ Might ignore B is A is close • Further A is, more likely to eat B instead o If A is encounte
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