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CLAS 1100X
Emily Varto

October 31 - The Living and the Dead • Easchilus (??) quote- pg.6 – persuasion has no effect on death- it is inevitable – death comes and there’s no way around it for humans • Only way of reaching life after death= legacy, will live forever through songs and literature • Similarity in life and death in Gilgamesh- every soul goes down to Hades- everyone who dies goes there- is not a single version of afterlife in Greek mythology- not one overwhelming belief, just a lot of ideas • In Greek there is no heaven and hell idea- Hades is below, but is not a hell- Named after Hades the god of the underworld • Different areas in the underworld-called Elysion area for distinguished people- heroes and rich, successful souls go here- kind of heaven-like • Area of punishment- people who are bad to the gods sometimes exist in mythology • Family is punished for your crimes • The rivers: Lethe (forgetfulness/ oblivion) souls drink from river before you go in and have no memory of your life before • River of Styx- river of hatefulness- bleak conception • Charon= boat man of the underworld- normally quite grumpy – boat from this world to the underworld or across the river of Styx • Hermes was the messenger of souls- gave to Charon who takes the souls across into Hades – ferry man • Charos (from Charon) is known in modern Greek world as the angel of death sort of figure- taking souls across in Greek folklore- put coins one dead person’s eyes so soul can get into hades • Can’t really do much in your life to ensure a good after-life • Death was a pretty final, bleak thing- no such thing as going into heaven and being happy and with loved ones- kind of entering a bleak area where you forget your previous life • Kauros= boy- statues of men naked in youthful prime- youth was seen as a beautiful things- aging was not okay- ideal everything is centred round youth- the only good thing about growing older was gaining wisdom (council of elders etc) • Statues based around the ideal body and age- many things centred around aging • Women= Kore- depicted as virginal and youthful- one virgin- the Kore- forever being called a virgin quote Funerary Ritual • Big theme= appropriate burial- body without burial was like a crime back then- some treatment was necessary • Cremation was especially good and other times different styles of burial • No one single way of burials but you must be treated in some form- normally influenced to politica
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