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Lecture 22

CSCI 1120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Fortnite, Jargon, Unified Modeling LanguagePremium

Computer Science
Course Code
CSCI 1120
Christian Blouin

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CSCI 1120
October 24, 2018
Software Life Cycle (Textbook 9.6)
An overview of going from nothing to a piece of software, using the traditional model of software design
which is rarely used exactly as it is in real industry, with some exceptions.
Project sizes:
Trivial < 500 lines of code, 1 person, less than a month
Small 500-2,000 lines of code, 1-3 people, a few weeks to a month
Medium 2,000-10,000 lines of code, 2-5 people, a few months to a year
Large 10,000-100,000 lines of code, 5-25 people, 1-3 years
Very Large 100,000-1M lines of code, 25-100 people, 3-5 years
Extremely large > 1M lines of code, >100 people, >5 years
SLOC = source lines of code.
Windows 3.1 2.5 M
Windows 95 8.0 M
Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 86.0 M
Facebook 61 M
Modern high end car 100 M
Google software services 2000 M
How to make sure this much code is consistent?
Viruses are not alive, yet they have a life cycle. Software also has a life cycle.
Pac Man is a software project that has come and gone, macOS 10 was just released. Things that are
consistently released and patched, such as games like Fortnite.
There are four steps.
1. Requirements Analysis
- What is the human aspect when it comes to software? You might not want to take
everything that a non tech savvy person will tell you at face value, as they might not mean
what they say. This part is where you need to listen to what someone needs instead of
- Identify stakeholders, identify the problem to solve, identify the constraints. A stakeholder
is someone who has a stake in the product, the product has an influence on the way they
work or the way they live.
o Stakeholders People who use it, pay for it, benefit from it, make policies about its
use, install and support users, maintain it and upgrade it, otherwise use it in some
unspeakable ways.
- Not trivial because users sometimes confuse what they want and what they need. Users are
not techies and do not care about the jargon or how it works. They are not asking for an
education here.
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