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ENGL 1040

January 20th (lecture 3) Marxism and popular culture No person is an island - all of us are are product of our surroundings Nurture (environment) is more important than nature (biological makeup) Classroom setting: we have a choice on how to behave in this setting but there are forceful constraints that keep you from doing them (i.e. Dal security) We get quiet when the powerpoint goes on -- its what we are suppose to do -- don't think about it consciously Conditioned to behave in certain ways in classrooms Identity 3 basic terms All of these refers to the different philosophies as what it's like to be a person -- shorthand for an entire way of looking at the world The individual: Sees people as self-controlled, self-determined (you determine who you are - no outside force (parents, etc) tells you who you are going to be), self-aware - we understand ourselves completely The subject - we are are subjected to something else -- countries ruled by a monarch -- subjected to the outside forces that are beyond our control -- not always self- aware The agent - Falls somewhere in-between the other two Not many people that see us as both -- either an individual or a subject All theories of identity Marxism In marxist theory the cultural analysis starts by looking at the ways in which people live -- how people actually live -- not looking at your ideas about your life - what you talk about being your life Look at how the room is structured -- what we are doing, how we are doing it but not how we are thinking Readings in the brown book 10 lines down page 37 in brown book "The mode of production of material life….. It is not the consciousness of men..." The key word is "determines" -- marks sees people as subjects - determined by what is around them - what determines us is the basic material that we have around us and how we work with it in order to survive In a purely agricultural society (everything they do is farming) -- sense of self is determined by the fact that they always work in the field for 12 hours a day, that growing seasons determine their work - shape how people think about the world -- might see the seasons as the most important structure there is or rainfall. Maybe they see growth as the general rhythm of society --- shape how they view, talk about, write about the world - culture shaped by the structure of society The way you think, what you think about is shaped by the world around us - very little to do with individual intellect Identities are determined by their surroundings Blue book: page 60 -- "That is each motive production…… The slave mode… it is in this sense that ones class…" Any given society creates different kinds of people who have different ideas about society Social hierarchy (people that own the land and control whether you get to grow on it might have more power over the other people) for marks we have all of these layers of power in society based on your basic relationship with the larger social structure Modern Canada - democratic society (suppose to all be equal) yet clearly some people have more power -- certain families and economic classes have a better chance of ruling the country (becoming prime minister) class structure - the ruling class are those who govern the means of production. The objects in goods that society needs to keep the society going - if you have control over those you have control over society Our ideas are controlled by our surroundings - what does that mean if 1 group of people controls society.. do they also control how we think? Marx says yes -- says on page 39 in brown book "The ideas of the ruling class are in every….the class which has
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