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Lecture 3

ENGL 1050 Lecture 3: Comparing All Western short stories

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ENGL 1050
Maitzen Rohan

find more resources at Jan 23 - Comparing All Western short stories January 23, 2017 2:32 PM Reading Journal Assignment  Assignment: What kind of man is Bob Valdez? What do we learn about him in the first two chapters of the novel? o Don't discuss subjective views (if you like him or not) o Any conflicts we perceive between him and people around him o Relationship to violence Deadline for first draft of essay due in tutorial - Feb 10 About exemplary paragraphs that represent the novel as a whole, or a story as a whole Interpreting genre fiction:  Relies on formulas (mystery fiction - a detective goes through a familiar sequence of events to catch the perpetrator)  Horizontal reading o Have a sense of patterns because you have seen them before, and can see how one book sequence differs from another  Literary - you would look at it in depth, because each of them are different Recognizable elements shared in the 3 Western stories read:  Horses - travelling  Guns  Someone is always determined to do one thing o Ransome Foster - bait and kill Liberty Valance o Ches Lane - Find Ed's family and deliver the news o Paul Scallen - deliver Jim Kidd to Yuma despite several peoples' attempts to stop him  Death by gunshot in a stance (Foster vs Liberty Valance in the midd
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