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Lecture 9

ENGL 1050 Lecture 9: Intro to Detective Fiction

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ENGL 1050
Maitzen Rohan

find more resources at Feb 15 - Intro to Detective Fiction February 15, 2017 2:33 PM Reading Journal  Assignment: Topic will be posted on Brightspace next week  Reading: Maltese Falcon Introduction to Detective Fiction  Particular genre of history  Defining Detective Fiction o Organized around a crime and its investigation o "Murders in the Rue Morgue" by Edgar Allan Poe  The first Detective Fiction o Amateur detective - chief detective  Smarter than police - a trope that reoccurs  Strong reason (ratiocination) to solve the crime  Ratiocination - using reason to figure out things o Sidekick  "the Watson"  Amateur detective explains things to the sidekick, which overall explains to reader o "Reveal"  The big reveal of the crime  Sherlock Holmes - amateur, solves crimes from reason o Puzzles are explained by Holmes  Anxiety o During the time Detective Fiction was invented, there has been a lot of anxiety about changes o Science was emerging as well The Golden Age  Referred specifically to English detective novel o Took onto new distinctive features  Puzzle mysteries  Rules are expected to be followed from how the puzzles are laid out o Example of rule - fair play o No supernatural surprises, no twins o Genre makes it fun because the reader could see clues, red herrings, and play along o No emphasis on round characters  Avoid character analysis, depth, social issues  "cozies" o Paradox and contradictory since murder/crimes are made to be interesting  Makes it seem artificial o Written in a transparent, and assessable style  Murder is important enough to write a whole book about, but keeps it quaint Hard-boiled Detective Fiction  Realism
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