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Lecture 12

ENGL 1050 Lecture 12: Vocabulary

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ENGL 1050
Maitzen Rohan

March 6 - Vocabulary March 6, 2017 2:33 PM Reading Journal • Reading: The Maltese Falcon (all) • Assignment: Symbolic meaning of Falcon Vocabulary • Figurative language is opposite of literal language o Literal - You mean just what you say o Figurative - You mean something else than what you're saying • Helps us make comparisons or connections between one thing and something else • We can enhance or enlarge the thing we're saying • You add layers in what you're saying • Could be thought provoking • An argument could be made where metaphors are made because we crave connections • Pervasive in English - words could be made to represent other things other than objects • Some works use more overt figurative language • Sometimes a section of a work moves away from the rest of the work - used to highlight the section, to enhance it's importance • Poetic • Metaphor o Mean something else from what you're saying o Asserting a shared quality between the two things o Example: You are a pig • Simile o Explicit o Example: • You eat like a pig • Lonely as a cloud o Saying that something is like another without explicitly naming it • Symbolism o This is tricky - some things may, or may not be a symbol o When something stands in for, or represents something else • Not a comparison, but this thing in some way, represents something else o Can be a precise 1:1 relationship, but for most works, it's a less direct representation o Conventional • Whenever that thing is used, everyone would understand what it stands for • Example: Dove represents peace, the heart represents love o Contextual • What an object means symbolically, depends on the context • Example: What the black bird means in Maltese Falcon, would mean something else in another context • Motif o Used in theme and variation
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