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Lecture 11

ENGL 1050 Lecture 11: Maltese Falcon

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ENGL 1050
Maitzen Rohan

March 1 - Maltese Falcon March 1, 2017 2:32 PM Reading Journal • Reading: Maltese Falcon • Assignment: On syllabus Final exam is scheduled to be on April 18 Maltese Falcon • Detective hero operates on his own o Decides the right things to do o May not be legal • Description is just on the surface, and we slowly learn bit by bit what is happening o You can't lie about the actions that are being done Sam Spade • "blonde Satan" o Doesn't tell us good or evil - Satan rebelled, and in some cases, rebelling is a good thing o Raises questions about if he was once an ideal, or if he went corrupt • Because he's being paid enough for the job, he'd do it o Could be mercenary o Confirms he's running a business • Expression about spades "you call a spade a spade" o You call it as you see it, and don't try to cover it up • Archer's Death o Sam Spade goes on like business as usual o Sam distanced himself from Miles Archer's body - this surprised the cops o Sam seemed to be unemotional toward it • He may have been hiding his emotions - emotions could be seen as weakness • Doesn't care about Brigid's charms • Doesn't know how to relate to a woman besides physically o Brigid 'bribes' him with her body, and although they sleep together, the next morning, he breaks into her apartment and searches her things Iva - Grieving widow from Archer's Death • Iva isn't grieving sincerely for Archer, though she's acting sad (weeping, etc.) • Accused Sam Spade is the murderer o May have hope that it was Spade, who loved her so much that he would kill Archer, so Iva and Spade could be together o Sam recoiled in response, appeared to be horrified • She seems to care about other people, though she seemed to care more about her lover than her dead husband Effie • Only female that Spade constantly gives pet names to • Boyish
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