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Early Republican Rome

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Dalhousie University
HIST 2090
Emily Varto

Friday September 24 2010Early Republican Romeca 500200 BCExpansion in ItalyDevelopment of the Republican constitutionConflict of the ordersExpansion in ItalyWars with LatinsCreate a treatyLatin Leaguebased on citystate culture RomeLatin city statesoCreate a treaty because of the pressure from mountain peopleSabines Oscans Volsci Aequi 500400not citystate people nomadicoMountains could get overpopulated better grazing land in LatiumoFrequent attacks to seize landoColoniaecolonies to protect frontiers people from any Latin city or RomeDefeat of Veii 396Etruscan city very close to Rome 10 milesTakes over Veii landNot just surrendering a state but surrendering symbols and cultureAlmost doubled their landDivide it up and parcel it out among poorer citizens of RomeSuccess of the Roman state becomes the success of the Roman peopleIncreases economic and sociopolitical statusCitizen armyneeded to provide own armouroIncrease a class of citizen farmers that increase political and military participationGauls sack Rome 390Defeat Roman army outside of Rome and take the cityWrecked havoc for 10 months in Roman territoryMetus GallicusGaulic fear Gaulic threatGauls were never able to take the capital geese started quacking and Romans were able to defend geese were sacred to the capitalRomans paid Gauls to leave themVae VictisWoe is the conqueredagreement on the Gauls termsCauses Romans to fortify themselves more strategically
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