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Caesars' Rome

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HIST 2090
Emily Varto

Wednesday November 24 2010Crassus in ParthiaMember of triumberate killedCrassusLose eagle standard of the legionimportantResounding defeatOnly Caesar in Gaulsuffered from Sullaand Pompey in Rome leftPompey in RomeJulia dies in 54 BCPompey remarries daughter of a popular optimateAnarchyAligns himself with optimatesuses fewer populares tacticsHusband of Julia Caesar was her father5352 BCno consulsClaudius murderedPompey only man with enough power to get anarchy under control Caesar has some of his men in Rome now that Claudius is deadGiven sole consulshiptoo afraid to give him full dictatorshipMark Antony Marcus Antonius CurioWill be consul after Pompey51 BCCaesars command due to end at the end of 50 BCand couldnt get a renewel of his command without Pompeys support Cant get his supportPompey aligned with optimates Pompey takes two legions from Caesar for defense of SyriaHanging out as a reserve for Pompeyproblem of loyaltyCaesar left with one legion50 BCPompey threatens to take away Caesars commandCurio puts forward a motion in the Senate that both Caesar and Pompey have to give up their commandsSenate optimates agree with thisStaunch group led by Catowanted Caesar to be stripped of all power nervous he would say hed give up command but wontSome optimates want to declare Caesar an enemy of the stateUltimate decree of the Senate declared against Caesarproblem for many people and the equestriansForces Caesar to give up legionsambitions or declare warCrossing of the Rubicon 49 BCCaesar declares war on Romemarches out on his provinceCrosses the Rubiconborder of SisAlpine Gaul south of the Po River
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