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Cinna, Cicero, Crassus

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Dalhousie University
HIST 2090
Emily Varto

Monday November 15 2010CinnaNot entirely loyal to SullaMarius called back to Rome by politicians to help nullify SullaMarius takes the city and kills the followers of Sulladeclared an outlaw Sullas war against Mithridates becomes illegalthMarius gets 7 consulship in 86 BCDies almost immediately afterDistributes Italian citizens more evenly among comitia tributaCinna comes into power after Marius deathAthens destroyed by Sulla after they side with MithridatesMithridates defeatedtreaty to stay out of Greece and AsiaSulla returns to Rome in 83 BC and defeats Cinnayounger elite side with Sullawant status quo50 years prior to popularesSulla has Cinna killedbecomes dictator for an undetermined amount of timeoRomans terrified of one man ruleoSymbolizes the craziness of the republic at the timeoHis job is to restore the republicoConducts massive purgesgetting rid of those who dont support himoProscriptionthe writing upa public list of names created by Sulla of people to be killed property confiscated exilesrevoking of citizenshipKeeps others in checkBy putting it up publicly getting the larger political body involvedAltogether 200 senators and 600 equitates wiped outSenate had increased beyond the number of 300After Sullas purges there were 150 senators then adds 450 membersSulla wants to restore the republic to the days of the senatorial elitestry to put all power to the senate which he expandedWants to eliminate the tribuneshipoPut a limit on the tribunes vetooLimit on presenting bills of the concilium plebesoTribunes could not hold any other office after their term is overoRigid rules on when offices could be heldoGave power of extortion courts to the senatorial eliteoIntroduces more quaestors and praetorsoProvincial governors are not allowed to march its army across its bordersDecision to make war needed to be by RomeSulla not addressing the problemsaddressing the mechanisms that the problems were affecting
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