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The Roman Army

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HIST 2090
Emily Varto

Monday November 7 2010The Roman ArmyFirst line of contact for Roman peopleChanges in the army culture how men came to understand their military role how the military saw itself Changes stemming from Marius to the change in thinkingSoldiers become professionalend up with men in the military who are distant from land holding no more property qualification World becomes the armyoReward LandoIdea not fighting for land fighting for something you will come to ownoNot bound by old ideas of the state fight enlist for Rome becomes fighting for personal advancement make a career get honour etc not fighting for a causeoSoldiers less tied to the state because its become dysfunctionalCincinnatus P57 2425farmer turned dictator Takes him 16 days to wrap up the war goes back to his farm Ideal of the citizen soldier Values of CincinnatusoIncorruptibleoMan of the peopleoDutybound obligated to Rome not looking for personal gainCitizen ArmyArmies would be made on demandIdea was that there wasnt a standing militaryWould recruit send out a draftthose who met the property qualifications were supposed to reportThere was a compensation for having left your fieldRecruits supposed to be citizenslive and die for ones country land familystrength of the militarynot just working for pay but because they believe in RomeGreek PhalanxFought like other citystates in the phalanxIdea of moving forward and pushing opponents with large shields in a line keep the line at all costsMacedonian PhalanxModular Legionscan be broken apart and reconfiguredEspecially important in fighting in the hillsSoldiers spaced apart
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