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Health Promotion
HPRO 3250
Jo Welch

The effect of iron deficiency on dental care in aboriginal people Aboriginal population is 4% of Canadian population Major dietary impact causing chronic diseases (diabetes, obesity, dental caries) Cavity= decay (bacterial sources, dental erosion: non-bacterial sources) • Baby bottle tooth decay primarily affects children and permanent teeth. o Primary teeth erupt 6-30months o Infectious bacteria come from mother • Most prevalent chronic disease in the world Bacteria called plaque hide in hard to reach places and thrive on sugary foods—turns sugars into acids Streptococcus mutans Contribute to acidic environment where bacteria flourish: Over-aggressive hygiene Teeth grinding Vomiting Phosphoric acid- acidy in all pops are damaging Sucrose Glucose + Fructose + Lactic acid • Synthesize dextran o Insoluble plaque matric o Colonize=plaque formation Dietary Factors • High sugar • Sweetened feeding bottles= Baby bottle tooth decay • Micronutrient deficiencies o Iron deficiency anemia • Lifestyle factors o Diet, oral hygiene, and oral health care • Environmental factors o Fluoride exposure, healthy food security, and community oral health ECC> 90% in some communities (esp. in the north_ - Denta
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