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Health Promotion
HPRO 3325
Lynne Robinson

Mental Health Promotion January 8, 2013 Definition of mental health: • Feelings about oneself o Relatively accurate assessment of own abilities and limitations o Good self-knowledge o Reasonable sense of self-esteem and pride in oneself • Feelings about others o Capacity to create and maintain fulfilling relationships o Capacity to focus on others’ needs o Respectful of differences o Able to trust and care for others • Ability to meet & handle the demands of life o Prepare for but do not fear the future o Accept reasonable responsibility o Set reasonable goals o Manage the unexpected in the best way possible  Change what you can  Accept what you can’t  And know the difference between the two Mental Health Promotion: Overview—A complicated endeavour Promotion or prevention? • Promotion of mental health o Emphasized social determinants of health  SES, physical environment, personal capacities, social environment, gender, culture • Prevention of mental illness o Targets populations o Identifies those at risk or o Those with a mental health problem ranging from mild to severe o Focuses on factors that contribute to mental illness Promotion + Prevention  Promote external and internal resources o Development of individual strengths o Supportive environments/communities o Emphasis on personal control over conditions  Growing recognition that not only can mental health be promoted, mental illness ca
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