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Dalhousie University
Health Promotion
HPRO 3325
Lynne Robinson

MENTAL HEALTH PROMOTION 1 Family patterns of childcare Risky Families • Developmental psychopathology: the field that studies developmental contributions to mental illness. • Growing evidence that maladaptive parenting is transmitted over 3 generations, independently of SES and ethic/cultural origin Psychosocial risk factors • Family social context: o SES o High-risk community • (+)Genetic factors • (=)A risky family social environment o Conflict & aggression o Cold, unsupportive, neglectful home Effects of risky family environment • A cascade of effects as child grows: o Effects of stress on the body o Effects on capacity to deal with emotions • Lead to o Diminished social competence o Risky health behaviours • Result: mental & physical health problems Social class/ethnic variations • Lower SES parents tend to: o Stress obedience/respect for authority more o Be more restrictive & authoritarian o Talk to & reason with children less o Show less warmth and affection  Across cultures/ethnic groups o May be appropriate for low SES working conditions Conger’s research on the stress of poverty • Low family income & its correlates • Economic pressure on the family • Depressed mood in parents • Marital conflict & less nurturing & involved parenting • Antisocial behaviour & adjustment problems in adolescence Impaired Relationships MENTAL HEALTH PROMOTION 2 • Impoverished parents less likely to show support & more likely to show conflict towards their children • Parental supportiveness or conflict predicts child’s similar behaviour toward a friend for years later, etc. Limited peer relationships • Children from lower SES families: o Less companionship from peers o Spend less time with pee
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