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Health Promotion
HPRO 3325
Lynne Robinson

MENTAL HEALTH PROMOTION 1 The Family context 1. Characteristics of family The Social system “Systems approach” (Minuchin) or ecological systems theory (Bronfenbrenner) • Assumption is that families are: o Complex social systems with networks of reciprocal relationships o Each unit of the family can affect other units or the whole o Attempt to maintain stability, even if it is unhealthy Characteristics of family systems— • Developing: families change over time o Planned and unplanned changes • Embedded in cultural contexts o The expectations for families can be different o Roles, gender or age-based expectations, etc • Embedded in cultural context o The larger social environment changes o The communities they belong in change Two Dimensions of parenting 1) Acceptance 2) Control Be aware of these dimensions and the 4 parenting styles: authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, uninvolved readings Why authoritative parenting? 1. Parents communicate caring concern
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