HPRO 3325 Lecture Notes - Systems Theory, Parenting Styles, Family Therapy

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Published on 1 Feb 2013
The Family context
1. Characteristics of family
The Social system
“Systems approach” (Minuchin) or ecological systems theory (Bronfenbrenner)
Assumption is that families are:
oComplex social systems with networks of reciprocal relationships
oEach unit of the family can affect other units or the whole
oAttempt to maintain stability, even if it is unhealthy
Characteristics of family systems
Developing: families change over time
oPlanned and unplanned changes
Embedded in cultural contexts
oThe expectations for families can be different
oRoles, gender or age-based expectations, etc
Embedded in cultural context
oThe larger social environment changes
oThe communities they belong in change
Two Dimensions of parenting
1) Acceptance
2) Control
Be aware of these dimensions and the 4 parenting styles: authoritative, authoritarian,
permissive, uninvolved readings
Why authoritative parenting?
1. Parents communicate caring concern
2. Control is exercised in a rational way, considering child’s viewpoint
3. Control is exerted such that children can realistically comply and also have
appropriate autonomy
Reciprocal relationships
The children of authoritative parents become more compliant over time
Children of authoritative parents show more problems over time
However, very difficult children (with difficult temperament OR a history of
neglect/abuse) can create parents who are less involved and less affectionate.
Ethnic variations
Aboriginal & Hispanic parents
oMore communal goals
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