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Lecture 3

HPRO 4412 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Human Sexual Response Cycle, Erection, Vaginal Lubrication

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HPRO 4412

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Lecture 3
October. 6th/2015
Chapter 4 continued
Erogenous Zones
Anus and perineal area
First phase: excitement – vasocongestion results in penile erection and
vaginal lubrication
Two fundamental – myotonia and …
Men have a refractory period and they fall asleep right after sex.
Vagina, Uterus, During sexual response cycle
1. Excitement phase …
2. Plateau phase ...
a. Uterus fully elevated
b. Clitoris retracts under hood
c. Inner two thirds of vagina expands and lengthens
d. Outer third of vagina forms orgasmic platform
e. Inner labia increases in size and turn bright red
3. Orgasm phase
a. Uterus contracts
4. Resolution phase
Masters and Johnson’s sexual response cycle continued…
The third phase: Orgasm
Briefest phase, characterized by muscle spasm, ejaculation in
males, vaginal and uterine contraction in females
The =nal phase: Resolution
oThe sexual system returns to its un-aroused state
Kaplan’s Three Stage Model
Proposed three independent phases:
Desire – cognitive (subjective)
Excitement – vasocongestion
Orgasm – contraction
Chapter 5
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