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Lecture 8

HPRO 4412 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Monogamy, Sexting, Polyamory

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HPRO 4412

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Lecture 8
Adolescent Romantic Relationships
Being with someone or being together or going out occurs at
younger ages
These relationships now occur at a younger age and legitimize
sexual activity
Serial monogamy – while in a relationship the partners are
monogamous, when relationship
Sexuality and Adolescent Development
Sex and Tehcnology
oApprocimately 90% of teens and young adults
oSelf disclosure through online communication
oSexual messages or images via cellphones
59% young adults, 39% of teens have sent or posted
sexually suggestive messages via text, email or IM
Teen Pregnancy
Research indicates adolescents use contraception inconsistently
Rate of teen pregnancy in Canada is 2.7% of all teen girls
Canadian rate is half of that in the United States
Sex Education Over the Decades
The Sexual Revolution left a prominent question:
oWhat do we do with childhood sexuality
Remains taboo
Contributes to educational silence
More talk does not lead to more understanding
Current state of sex education
Highly variable
Gradually improving
Sex educators are more likely to see sex as benign rather than
Majority of students still rate their sex ed as poor or non-existent
Marriage Age has gone upto 28-30
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