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Lecture 10

HPRO 4412 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Clitoris, Foreplay, Masturbation

Health Promotion
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HPRO 4412

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Lecture 10
Chapter 14
Sexual Behaviour and Relationships
Diversity in Sexual Relationships
Most people will form a monogamous relationship at some point
in their life
Most relationships that become monogamous start with dating
Dating is viewed as the courtship stage where partners are not
sure how longer they will choose to stay together
Most young North Americans begin to date, often in large groups,
at around 10 or 11 years of age
Sexual satisfaction and sexual activity in committed relationships
Friend with bene&ts Relationships
More acceptable than ever before
It is an ongoing, sexual, non-exclusive relationship that is usually
Women may be more subject to stigmatization due to the double
However women may enjoy more frequent sex by engaging in
such arrangements and if kept secret, avoid invoking the public
double standard
What does it mean to have sex?
Most people talk about penile and vaginal
Queer Sex
Sex outside of heterosexual relationships varies!
Generally more open to variations in sexual scripts
Depends on the people involved in the sexual encounter
One person sex
Autoeroticism – sexual self stimulation
Examples of autoeroticism:
oMasturbation – self stimulation
oMasturbation techniques of men and women
oMedia and masturbation
Sexual behaviour with others
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