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Lecture 2

INTD 1102 Lecture 2: Place, Space...Part 2

International Develop Studies
Course Code
INTD 1102
Wunker Erin E.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Place, Space and Memory in Halifax (Part 2)
Key Terms
-autobiographical memory
-collective memory
-historical memory
Memory in Place and Space
autobiographical memory: consists of personally experienced events
-the walking through or talking about your day
-this is specifically our own memory of an event
-once grows or spans as a larger cultural memory, such as migration of certain people,
it becomes a collective memory
-these memories show that we can shape the past
-although, these memories are limited to our social surroundings
collective memory: contains events that were rendered to an individual by other
members of society
-the collective understanding of an event, such as 9/11
-broader cultural memories or memories that are known by a really big population
-this is the framework to historical memory
-stories that matter immense to many people
historical memory: shapes the past through the work of historians
-specific and scholarly way of presenting information of memory
-the authoritative representation of memory/history
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