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MGMT 1000 Lecture Notes - West Vancouver, Handsworth Secondary School, Five Guys

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MGMT 1000
Ed Leach

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Reflection on Work Experience
Significant work experience is hard to achieve as a student. I find that my work
experience is stagnated, but not negatively. Things like education, volunteer work, and
life experiences are things that need to occur before achieving notable work experience.
Personally, I find that entry-level jobs are most prominent in my, and many other students
work experience because of the self-fulfilling prophecy “I can’t get a job because I don’t
have experience because I can’t get a job”. Since this mentality is still present within the
corporate world, the service industry, and many other sectors of the economy, I think
experiences outside of the workforce are essential to attaining important work experience.
The following pages present my resume, letters of recommendations, and summaries of
what some of my jobs consisted of and taught me.
Five Guys Burgers and Fries
At Five Guys Burgers and Fries, the company defines itself by ensuring fresh ingredients
and consistent, top service. In the summer of 2012 I worked at a franchise in North
Vancouver for four months. My responsibilities ranged from cashier to dressing burgers;
but a common theme of all my duties was customer service. Since the company
guarantees clean, friendly, and active service I was expected to conduct myself that way
all the time on shift. I learned a lot from this job about customer service and team
member relationships. Talking courteously to a customer is different from talking
courteously to your manager, parents, or teacher. I gained a lot of helpful and useful
phrases and vocabulary during my summer job that made customers feel cared for and
respected; these are skills that I will carry over into future employment. At Five Guys, I
also learned how to work effectively with team members who had negative input and lack
of respect for co-workers. The employee who was training me treated me as incompetent
and crossing over to her “territory”. This proved to be difficult, but I decided to ignore
her behaviour and focus on doing my job thoroughly and effectively. I started getting
positive attention from my managers, which resulted in my co-worker taking credit for
how well I was doing and thus, she started respecting me. This taught me how to lead by
example instead of being consumed by another worker’s negativity.
ESL Tutor
For just over a year from 2009-2010 (CHECK), I tutored two ESL elementary students
twice a week. My responsibilities included conversational skills, social etiquette, and
reading comprehension. This tutoring job was so fun and beneficial because I love to
interact with people and help people learn new things. As well, I love working with kids
because when they understand something their gratitude and excitement is infectious.
When I would help my students with a problem, I felt like I was making an impact on
their learning development. Another important aspect of the job that resonated with me
was leading by example. I noticed that when I was distracted during our sessions, my
students would in turn, become unfocused. I didn’t want to be getting paid if my students
were not getting something out of my help, so I adopted a teach by example style; I
would be enthusiastic and provide the students interactive exercise. My students seemed
to react to this positively because they put in more effort and enthusiasm when they saw I
was doing the same. This skill of leading by example has been essential to my work ethic
and relations with peers and co-workers. Professionally and personally, if your peers
perceive you as a positive asset or person, it leads to positive results.
The Bakehouse
For about four months in 2009 I worked at a bakery/coffee shop. This experience was
negative but produce positive and valuable lessons. My employers treated their
employees very poorly and were quick to blame problems on the wrong people. They
were unfair with their judgment and their negative attitudes sometimes transferred over
into customer service. Despite the irresponsible example my employers provided, it
motivated me to deviate from their tendencies and focus on customer service and
working hard. As a cashier and barista, my job provided ample opportunity to interact
with customers and give them a pleasurable and courteous experience. To avoid giving
my employers a reason to discipline me, I worked hard to complete my jobs effectively
and efficiently; this mentality was beneficial because not only did it prevent negative
feedback from my employers but it resulted in maximum effort and desirable outcomes
for myself. Even though the environment was not pleasant to be in, my experience at the
bakery taught me how to adapt to situations, in this case negative, and still excel as an
Resume of Emily Franklin
Contact Information:
Address: 1648 Robie Street, Halifax, N.S., B3H 3E8
Home Phone: 778-223-6472
Cell Phone: 778-223-6472
To obtain a part-time employment position in order to develop my work and
business skills, to be an asset to my employer and to provide additional income
to put towards long-term expenses such as university.
Career Highlights:
Started working at age 14 in a bakery, The Bakehouse, in Edgemont Village,
North Vancouver.
Co-captain of the 2010 Provincial Volleyball Champions, Handsworth Secondary,
and was selected a First Team All-Star.
In 2011 received a President’s Scholarship to attend Dalhousie University.
Very involved in the charity, Invisible Children, and have taken part in several
fund raising events.
Cashier May-August 2012
Five Guys Burgers and Fries, West Vancouver, B.C.
Operated an electronic touch screen till, responsible for correctly
taking customer’s orders and provided customer service by being
able to answer any questions about the menu and about Five Guys
Burgers and Fries as a company. Learned to effectively solve