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Lecture 4

MUSC 2018 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Cholly Atkins, Aretha Franklin, Jerry Wexler

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MUSC 2018

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MUSC 2019
January 14 2015
Alan Free:
Coined the term rock and roll
Also a very in!uential radio DJ
Introduced music to a wide audience
Motown stressed the element of sophistication and looking good to
introduce it to a larger audience.
“My Girl” by The Temptations, 1965
Repeating bass line, layering throughout the song
Choreography, dancing, etc air of sophistication
Verse Chorus form
Dancing in the Street” from the BBC documentary 1995
The kids were then brought up with charm, class etc adjusting
and teaching them manners
The tours throughout the south had the artists facing racism as
they were perceived as the freedom riders such as the boycotts
Motown’s Artist Development:
Cholly Atkins, choreographer
oMake sure they were appealing as well as alluring but not
Maurice King, vocal coach
Maxine Powell, “charm school”
oGroomed to have good elegance, project their voices,
8nishing school. Classical sophistication.
oFormlaic as they had a control of the artists similar to the
way the brill building ran things.
o1967 Motown was the most popular.
Stax Recods & More Soul:
Memphis, Tennessee (Elvis)
Became a>liated with Atlantic records
Stax made a licensing distribution agreement with Atlantic
Records, having made the agreement, Atlantic owned more of
their master tapes  Their downfall, lead to their bankruptcy
Stax is known as souville, USA center of Soul. Motown hitsville
Gospel In!uence was less polished, more down to earthm more
western south oriented with souther roots.
Gospel had more spontaneity, Stax was seen as having more
roots in R&B and more Gospel “more soulful” than Motown etc.
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