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Lecture 25

MUSC 2018 Lecture Notes - Lecture 25: Ipod, Robin Thicke, Analog Recording

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MUSC 2018

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April 6, 2015
Nabster – 19 year old produced this. Big record companies started
charged them for facilitating other peoples’ ability to copyright. Not
long after opening in 2001, they were forced to shut down. In the days
before nabster shut down, users exchanged billions of %les.
Apple ipods and itunes had a profound e&ect on the music industry.
Characteristics of the sound can be manipulated to a greater extent. In
terms of manipulating the music, previous analog recording tape
recordings, had limitations on the music and after the music had been
recorded. They were much more limited than today in terms of tools.
Allowed a lot of control, borderline alterations to the music.
Miley Cyrus music awards performance with Robin Thicke – the song
Blurred Lines. Misogynistic and unacceptable. The video itself was
degrading towards women.
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