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Lecture 22

MUSC 2018 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Universal Zulu Nation, Afrika Bambaataa, Gil Scott-Heron

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MUSC 2018

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March25 2015
Hip Hop
Elements of Hip Hop
Hiphop generated graffiti art.
Is the attitude to generate these things.
James Brown –
Influential figure in many respects
A lot of people will refer to James Brown as the original MC. He didn’t actually
rap the way we understand today but he did perform rhythmically with his voice,
the sounds he made were very percussive. We note him with the ability as a
dancer. The music itself was very rhythmically driven. There’s a lineage there that
is undeniable, but on the surface level it isn’t necessarily obvious.
He was able to tap into the sounds coming out of his mouth, not just the words
that you’re saying but how they sound when they’re linked together.
He made it sound like he was grunting all the time but that wasn't the case.
“Funky Drummer” James Brown 1970
oWhere rap originated.
oThe drum break that has been sampled many times
Precursor to Rap
Gil Scott Heron, “The Revolution Will not be Televised,” 1970
Converse commercial featuring jump rope games
Industry tries to *nd ways by manipulating people who are interested
in ideas but not dedicated enough to participate in the lifestyle.
Sugarhill Gang, “Rapper’s Delight,” 1979
This song brought the term “rap” to the general audience.
Borrows from the song “Good times” by Chic in the disco era
Outlines what rapping is all about, exposed the mainstream
audience to this type of music. Started out explaining what he’s
Success created an opening for other artists, Curtis blows, The
brakes etc. People getting the taste of this kind of music.
Grandmaster Flash, “The Message” 1982
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