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March 12th, 2013 March-12-13 1:08 PM Scoring for ANT  Alerting: No cue - double cue  Orienting: Spatially uninformative cue - spatially informative cue  Executive: Congruent - incongruent Rehabilitation of unilateral visual neglect  48% of right hemisphere stroke patients have neglect  Severity of neglect predicted functional disability and family burden more accurately than did extent of brain damage Anchor technique  Told to focus on marking line on the left side of the page, helping them focus more on left hemisphere  It works for the task you're working on, but generality is very poor Spatio-motor cuing  Multiple representations of space in different senses and in motor control  So if you change the sensory inputs to the areas that are damaged, we may be able to use that to help patients orient to area of space they neglect to orient to Unilateral neglect and spatio-motor cuing  Used only for persons who do not have hemiplegia  Told to passively or actively move contralateral arm in response to hearing a buzz o If left neglect, move left hand o Active is when they're asked to move it themselves o In passive and electrode on arm causes muscle stimulation to move hand Unilateral neglect and prism adaption  Displace visual field by small amount (10%) to the right o So some left visual field items are shifted over  Individual asked to make pointing gestures to stimuli in their left visual field  Pointing to midline improved when wearing prisms  When removed, the improvement was still observed Update on prisms and neglect  Patients asked to wear prism glasses at home for 2 weeks for this treatment  Over the treatment, peoples contralateral neglect improved  Although there was improvement on the task, activities of daily learning showed no form of improvement  Possibly because to use prisms maximally, the patient needs to be able to see their hand as a form of visual feedback Eye movements tell only half the story  3 patients 12 months after right hemisphere stroke adapted to prisms  Pointing, cancellation tasks, and emotional expression on chimeric faces  Results showed eye movements improved, moving towards both visual fields  However did not have any effect on peoples perception of chimeric faces o So it may have improved eye movement neglect, but did not affect perceptional neglect ***Start Chapter 23*** Cell birth or neurogenesis  The ectoderm is where cells begin being made in the neural tube  Neurogenesis lasts about 4.5 months in humans  Brain lesions during this period are much less devastating than they would be after neurogenesis Neural migration  In radial migration, cells in the neural tube move toward the cortex by following radial glial processes Cell layers in the cerebral cortex  Layers develop from the inside out o Layer 6 laid down first Incomplete migration:  Ectopic neurons, heterotopias
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