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NESC 3227
Kim Good

February 12th, 2013 February-12-13 12:56 PM Clinical implications  Even with head injuries where there doesn't appear to be any local damage, disconnection syndromes can still occur  Mechanism o Acceleration-deceleration, impact Axons after TBI  In mild TBI the axons become compacted, can repair itself  In moderate TBI, axon sheared and end forms a bulbous structure, does not repair Agenesis of the corpus callosum  Born without a callosum o Often have compensatory intrahemispheric projections o Large anterior commissure, good ipsilateral projections  Slow in reaction time for interhemispheric tasks, but usually get them right still Diffusion Tensor Imaging  When combined with fMRI, you can get an idea as to what areas of the brain are activated and what the connections are between the two **Start Chapter 18** Long-term Memory  Explicit o Episodic o Semantic  Facts, knowledge  Implicit o Skills o Habits o Priming o Conditioning  Emotional o Attraction o Avoidance o Fear Short-term memory loss  Span of attention o Limited capacity, no more than 5-8 items kept in store o Need rehearsal to keep this memory, otherwise it fades o Verbal span like a phone number, spatial like tapping out a block sequence Neural systems of immediate memory - parietal, lateral temporal or frontal cortical regions  Damage to any one region alone will not wipe out STM in its entirety  Perisylvian region o Inferior parietal o Inferior frontal o Dorsolateral frontal  This is not a mesial temporal-lobe function LTM  Has an unlimited capacity  Some of this info lasts a lifetime Awareness differentiates explicit from implicit memory Neural substrate of declarative memory systems  Explicit memory  Cortex, hippocampus and rhinal cortex associated with Components of diencephalon involved in declarative
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