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NESC 3227
Kim Good

February 19th, 2013 February-19-13 2:31 PM Cannabis  Most commonly used intoxicating substance over alcohol in some parts of the world (middle eastern countries)  It has had a gradual shift in public perception of the years o Turns you into homicidal maniac in the 50s & 60s  Use in states has been decriminalized  In the Netherlands, making it more difficult for non-dutch individuals to buy and use it in the cafes Cannabis sativa  Two phenotypes o One is not used for its active drug purposes, used for the manufacturing of fiber (hemp), doesn't have psychoactive properties o The other is used recreationally o Male and female plants in both subtypes, female more cherished because it produces more potent psychoactive effects  Pollination of female plant reduces psychoactive properties  So female plants are often isolated to avoid pollination Forms of cannabis  Potency of marijuana usually measured in psychoactive effects, sometimes for medicinal value o Content of THC (ratio of THC to other constituents) and potency of drug usually related  Marijuana o Most common preparation o Smoking leaves and flowers, or baked into brownies o When you burn marijuana, you create new chemically active constituents o When you ingest it orally, you create different metabolites through the process of metabolism  So different effects produced from different administration methods o Potency has increased over time, has to do with people genetically engineering it for greater potency  Hashish  Hash oil The cannabinoids  Active ingredient o THC - delta tetrahydrocannabinol  A number of8different cannabinoids exist in cannabis and may contribute to its effects Delta o Cannabinol But wait  o Active ingredients depend upon preparation and route of administration o When cannabinodiol burned is converted into delta9 o New cannabinoids are created during digestion & metabolism o Contents change over time when exposed to light or air  THC converted to cannabinol Grown as hemp in northern climates for rope  Originally the two phenotypes were not distinguished, the psychoactive phenotype can make hemp too In 1970, it was declared by the AMA that there are no medicinal use for it and has a high potential for abuse Absorption  A weak acid (pKa 10.6)  THC is very lipid soluble, won't dissolve in water o
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