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NESC 3227
Kim Good

February 21st, 2013 February-21-13 1:08 PM Table 20.4 is WRONG, FUCKING WRONG!!!! DAMNIT!  By that I mean it is incorrect What are emotions  Not a unitary construct o A set of processes  Involve visceral/sensory, perceptual, behavioural, cognitive appraisal (thought, decision making) o Some processes are conscious, some are not o There is no one emotion centre in the brain, but multiple brain regions that are networked and their output is integrated Audition and amygdala  In humans, when unpleasant sounds are presented, the amygdala is activated Kawashima et al  Eye contact activated the right amygdala more than the left o Important in the activation of the amygdala because it is a type of social cue Bilateral amygdala lesion and personal space  SM has bilateral amygdala lesion  Has no sense of personal space  Fear reaction is also reduced Fear and amygdala  Ledoux  Removal of amygdala bilaterally in fear conditioning task completely abolished CR, but had no affect on UR Laterality of activation  In both hippocampus and amygdala Procedures  Somerville et al  Neutral expression faces
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