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NESC 3227
Kim Good

January 22nd, 2013 January-22-13 12:58 PM Fusiform gyrus lesions  Inability to process faces and some words o Prosopagnosia o And pure alexia Mr John Alden, A stranger in the mirror  Disorders o Prosopagnosia o Associative visual agnosia  Can describe objects in great detail and can copy, but can't tell you exactly what it is (bird example) o Topographical disorientation  Trouble in train station finding an exit  Compensatory strategies o Recognition by voice, not biologically significant movement  His wife o Recognition by feature  His wife's shoes o Very good long-term memory o Logic, deductive and inductive reasoning Projections from occipital lobe: 3 visual streams  Ventral stream (what stream) o Takes info from primary visual cortex o Moves anteriorly o Involved in object recognition o Info from secondary somatosensory cortex also provides info to hear to aid in object recognition  Dorsal stream (where stream) o Takes info from primary visual cortex to areas of the brain more interested in action (motor areas) o Vision for action (where to put your hand to open door)  Superior temporal sulcus (STS) o Involved in biological motion Review of lecture 4, occipital lobes  Localization of the brain's visual system o Topographical representation  Visual projections beyond the occipital lobes ***Start of Chapter 14*** The parietal lobes  Bound anteriorly by central sulcus  And posteriorly by parietal occipital sulcus Somatosensory cortex  It's post-central  Involved in sensation from a tactile sense  Secondary somatosensory cortex lies just posterior to this  Size of body parts is directly proportional to the amount of cortex devoted to sensation in that body part o Toes and legs central o Face more on the sides  Anterior region o Contains brodmann's areas 1, 2 and 3 and somatosensory cortex Testing for somatosensory functions  Topographical mapping of body o Fine tough o Two point discrimination  Test to see at what point you only feel one point o Finger position  What finger is being moved and how o Ta
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