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January 24th, 2013 January-24-13 1:03 PM Lateralization of neglect  Spatial neglect is more common and more severe after right parietal lobe lesions Localization of neglect  The inferior parietal region is the region that is most usually the most affected  A right hemisphere lesion will result in left visual field neglect *visual field defects and neglect often occur together*  Very rare to see a pure lesion that leads only to neglect Two frames of reference in visual spatial neglect  Viewer-centered o Everything from the midline over in a person's field of view is no longer attended to  Object centered o Defined by the object that is being viewed o Map of NS example Viewer centered neglect  So everything to one side of the fixation point is neglected  Changes to the orientation to the eyes, head and body Object-centered neglect  So when looking at table, no matter how head positioned, one side still neglected  The neglected hand on the person is neglected whether head is pointing left or right Most common type of neglect  Viewer-centered neglect is the most common kind Sorting out viewer-centered vs object centered neglect  Give them a page full of whole circles and circles with gaps  Draw a circle around objects with full circle  Put x through ones with gaps  Patient one has viewer centered neglect  Patient two has object centered neglect Mental maps also reveal neglect  Asked patients with right parietal lesions to imagine standing at the front door, looking towards the cathedral piazza del duomo in florence italy  Were asked to draw the landmarks they see around the cathedral o They were only able to come with up with images on the right visual field Parietal lobe and constructional apraxias  Common after left or right, and bilateral parietal lobe lesions  Inability to use your motor system in order to do complex output  Can also serve as an early indicator to alzheimers disease Test of constructional p
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