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NESC 3227
Kim Good

January 31st, 2013 January-31-13 12:59 PM The Temporal Lobes - Ch 15 Anatomy of lateral side  Superior temporal gyrus  Middle temporal gyrus  Inferior temporal gyrus Medial side  Fusiform gyrus o Kind of encroaches on temporal and occipital lobes  Uncus o Cortex surrounds the amygdala  Parahippocampal gyrus Within sylvian fissure  Are heschl's gyri and … Subcortical temporal lobe: structural asymmetry  Right versus left side comparison shows that amygdala and hippocampus volumes tend to be bigger in the right hemisphere Visual perception  Visual system projects through temporal lobe  Damage to TL can lead to homonymous quadrantopia affecting the upper quadrant o So left TL damage to meyer's loop will cause quadrantanopia on the upper right quadrant Visual perception for object recognition  Damage to TL can impair ability to distinguish what's in these pictures Static face perception and inferior posterior TL lesions  Would not be able to match these two images as being the same person o Because orientation, angle and lighting are different  Can match identical faces though  Fusiform gyrus is active during this task Superior Temporal Sulcus (STS)  Tuned to biological motion  Biological motion activates o Superior temporal, inferior parietal and dorsolateral frontal regions o Activates left and right hemispheres Superior temporal gyrus  Removal of this seems to be more related to visual field neglect than other areas o Areas 22 and 42 in particular o As opposed to the inferior parietal region  So if you have pure neglect with no visual field defects, then your lesion is located in the superior temporal gyrus Music perception  Left o Sp
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