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Kim Good

March 28th, 2013 March-28-13 1:08 PM Laterality of vascular disorders on admission to hospital  56% of stroke patients in hospital are in left hemisphere  Laterality could be explained by the fact that left hemisphere ones are more noticeable, so perhaps some right hemisphere patients just don't get reported and admitted to hospital Non-hemorrhagic strokes  Are disease of the blood vessels (arteries)  Thrombosis o Clotting of blood in the vessel, slowly preventing blood flow into the brain  Embolism o Blood or fatty clog moved from larger to narrower vessel that blocks the blood supply  An arrhythmia can lead to a blood clot that would cause an embolism Stroke care  Try to get them to a hospital within 3 hours o Need CT and MRI o In nova scotia patients within CDHA are 50% less likely to die from stroke Treatment of acute infarct  First thing that needs to happen is a CT or MRI scan o In order to try to rule out a hemorrhagic stroke, because if it's not IV tPAs can be given, and functions as a clot buster (within 1-3 hours of stroke ideal time to administer this) o Need to be sure to rule out hemorrhagic because if it is a hemorrhagic stroke and you give tPA, it will thin your blood and make it bleed even more Treatment of Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)  Risk factors o Older o High blood pressure o Signs
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