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Dalhousie University
NURS 2090
Heather Helpard

Key Terms Pathophysiology is the study of the functional changes that occur in the body as a result of an injury, disorder, or disease (the mechanisms of disease) Pathology is the study of changes in cells and tissues as a result of injury or disease Physiology studies the mechanisms of human body functioning Pathogenesis: Origination and development at the point of disease onset.When the disease process first begins to the point where the actual disease presents itself Disease: Functional impairment of cells, tissues, organs or organ systems. Includes injuries, disorders, illnesses and even syndromes Etiology: Precise cause of the disease (pathogen; multifactorial) Epidemiology: The study of disease in populations. Idiopathic: No known etiology Nosocomial: Exposure to infection in the health care environment Iatrogenic: Disease as a result of medical treatment Clinical Manifestations: Signs, symptoms and precipitating factors of disease Local: directly at the site of disease, confined to one area Systemic: throughout the body Acute: begin abruptly and for a short time, cycles Chronic: last 6 months or more and are gradual Subacute: between acute and chronic in duration and severity Asymptomatic: no noticeable symptoms Diagnosis: A label for the disease, not the individual Nursing Diagnosis: Human response to illness (such as altered fluid balance and ineffective airway clearance). Morbidity: Disease complications that impact the quality of life Mortality: Death
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