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Dalhousie University
NURS 2090
Heather Helpard

Clinical Models of Altered Cellular Proliferation and Differentiation Lung Cancer Pathophysiology  Leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide  Smoking and industrial exposures often implicated  Tumors originate most frequently in the epithelial lining of the bronchi, bronchioles, and alveoli  4 subtypes: adenocarcinoma, squamous, large, and small cell carcinomas Clinical Manifestations  Persistent cough  Hemoptysis  Chest pain  Shortness of breath Staging of Lung Cancer Diagnostic Criteria  Bronchoscopy  Chest x-ray  Tissue biopsy/cytology  MRI/CT/Ultrasound  Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA)  Lung Cancer Treatment  Based on tumor type Small cell carcinoma  Chemotherapy  Non-small cell carcinoma  Surgery  Chemotherapy  Radiation, if surgery not feasible Colorectal Cancer Pathophysiology  Multiple lifestyle risk factors  Disruption of p53 gene implicated in 3 of 4 cases of colorectal cancer  Cellular transformation in mucosal epithelium of the bowel begins at the base of the crypts Clinical Manifestations  Change in bowel habits  Occult or frank blood in stool  Abdominal pain  Bowel obstruction  Anemia Diagnostic Criteria  Digital rectal exam  Colonoscopy Treatment  Surgery  Chemotherapy  Radiation Brain Cancer Pathophysiology Metastasis much more common to brain than primary tumors (10:1 ratio) Primary tumors originate from:  Glial cells  Meninges  Schwann cells  Ectopic tissues Clinical Manifestations  Headache  Vomit
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