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Cynthia Barkhouse Mckeen

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Lecture 8 Abdominal AssessmentGenitourinary System AssessmentObjectivesAfter reading the text viewing videos attending labsparticipating in lecture students willRecall AP of abdomen and urinaryreproductive systemsIdentify landmarks that guide assessment of abdomengenitourinary systemIdentifypractice questions to use in a regionalfocused interview for abdominalgenitourinary system assessmentExplain client preparation for assessment of abdomengenitourinary systemDescribe techniques for abdominalgenitourinary system physical assessment Consider developmental psychosocial culturalenvironmental factors during assessmentDescribe the order of physical assessment techniques required for abdominal assessmentwhy different from that of other assessments inspection auscultation percussion palpationIdentify structuresorgans in each of the 4 quadrantsIdentify common sites of referred abdominal painApply critical thinking while completing a physical assessment of the abdomenurinary systemDifferentiate normal from abnormal findings in abdominalurinary system physical assessmentDescribe common abnormalities in abdominalgenitourinary assessment DigestiveUrinary System Functions of digestive system ingest break downabsorb nutrientsFunctions of urinary system prevent accumulation of nitrogenous wastes promote fluidelectrolyte balance assist in maintenance of BP contribute to erythropoiesis Abdomen is not a system abnormal findings in assessment commonlyindicate GI or genitourinary problems Surface landmarks of the abdomen Jarvis text P 556 Internal anatomy of the Abdomen Jarvis p 557
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