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Dalhousie University
NURS 2200
Cynthia Barkhouse Mckeen

Tracheal Tubular sound, like wind through a tube Stridor Upper airway obstruction, trachea or larynx Bronchial High pitched/loud Crackles Discontinuous, high pitch OR loud/low pitch bubbling Sterna notch Inspiration is shorter than expiration Heard during inspiration Harsh and hollow *terminal Not cleared by coughing Heard over trachea and larynx (near sterna notch) bronchiole Air bubbling thru moisture in alveoli or collapsed alveoli popping open Sounds like: Velcro (coarse), roll hair by ear (fine) Vesicular Low pitched/ soft Wheezes Pitch determined by relative tightness in airway Outer lung, all over Inspiration is greater than expiration (rhonchi) Heard during expiration (sometimes on inspiration) except midline Rustling of the wind through trees Cleared with coughing Heard over most of the lung field *Inflammation, mucus, tumor Bronchovesicular Moderate pitch/amp Grunting Expiration close to sterum Inspiration = Expiration 911 Air in lungs- prevents alveolar collapse Heard over main bronchi Crepitus: top of back, Coarse crackle sensation over skin “crunchy feeling” Friction Coarse, high pitch and grating (squeaking sound) along the scapula Caused by air leading from lung into SUBQ tissue Rub Inspiration and expiration Percussion, NOT RN Practice When pleural layers rub together Not affected by cough Fremitus- 99 Vibraton on chest wall when client spe
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