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NURS 2280
Shauna Houk

Caring for Patients with Infectious Diseases Objectives:  Identifying chronic infectious diseases  Classifying infectious diseases  Understand the diagnosis of AIDS.  Know the clinical manifestations and complications ofAIDS.  Understand HIV transmission and risk factors.  Provide education regardingAIDS.  Know standard precautions  Know the assessment and diagnostic findings ofAIDS.  Knowledge of treatments for HIV infection.  Be aware of nursing care and support measures nurses provide.  Acknowledge the collaborative care with other health care professionals when caring for patients withAIDS.  Understand the emotional concerns of patients withAIDS.  Understand the diagnosis of SARS  Managing nursing care of a patient with a chronic infectious disease  Developing a care plan for a patient with a chronic infectious disease Infectious Diseases o An infectious disease is any disease caused by the growth of pathogenic microbes in the body o It may on may not be communicable (contagious) o Classified as acute, chronic or hospital acquired infections Chronic Infectious Diseases o An infectious disease process that refers to persistent conditions which are contagious and communicable in nature and are able to produce serious illness. o The nature of the infectious disease and its means of transmission must be considered for each specific illness. Causes of Infectious Diseases o Pathogens- Microogranisms and viruses that cause disease. o Bacteria- Simple, single celled organisms. Live in air, soil, food, and in and on our bodies. Classifications of Infectious Diseases o Acute: o HospitalAcquired Infections: o Ch
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