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NURS 2280
Shauna Houk

Although the article Family Practice/Primary Health Care Nurses in Nova Scotia was published in 2007, I do not believe the challenges have changed. When I first read this article I was shocked that there could be such a disconnect in a profession that had a deep sense of comradery and importance. I have come to realize that it is that sense of comradery that has kept us strong and moving ahead. What are your expectations as you head into the work world in what I consider the most important job there is? In reading this article, I was shocked to find out some of the challenges the FP/PHC nurses were having. I did not realize they would feel so isolated, have a lack of awareness of scope of practice or that they would have issues of remuneration. It is my expectation that I would not experience any of these attributes when practicing nursing. After a long and very expensive education, it is my expectation that I be paid well at the end of it. Of course, money is not the main reason I am doing this work, as passion is a major component, but I was shocked that only 17% made $50,000 or more. It was my belief and expectation that that would be a starting salary after school. It makes me feel like perhaps I will have to look into this farther. I also expect job security, as nursing is a profession that is essential, and I just cant see that ever changing. That being said, I am increasingly learning that our health care is not sustainable and eventually a nursing bachelor will likely be equivalent to a bachelor of arts, or science, in that you will need to attain a masters in order to practice at higher levels. It is much more cost effective to widen the scope of practice for a LPN and pay them less, than it is to pay us, so I can see some changes being made long term. However, I was reassured that the demographics of the nurses that participated in the study were optimal for our graduating class, as approximately 50% of the nurses were over 50 years old, which means there might be a hiring boom approaching. It was also my expectation and hope that after we graduated we would have job security, in that we would get contracts and benefits; however, the nurses in this article did not, with as much as 75%. This is terrifying to me, as I have a family I need to support and I never once considered not having these things. I see job postings all the time when I am looking, and the pay scales are what I was expecting. I now find myself wondering if they are positions I can get, or if I too will have these problems. I agree with you, nurs
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