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Lecture 5

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Dalhousie University
PHIL 2170
Letitia Meynell

Nagel "sexual perversion' recap; - Hunger is an attitude toward edible portions of the world, a desire to related to them in a special way Sexual Attitude Sexual attraction towards a person is different than the attitude toward an object. Take away omelet and replace it with another with the same attractive properties. BUT With people, (attractive; smoky eyes, and impish grin, etc.) you can't just swap people out, not just replaceable. Desires; Have objects and goals usually. Omelet object and goal is to eat it. Lessons from Sartre He sees sex. desire as attempt of embodied consciousness to come to terms with existence Other people feel the same pain, disappointment, etc. as me. Trying to treat someone the same as you, only two people (no threesomes), trying to make them feel the same way/ treat them the same way. However, Sartre says they will eventually become an object to you or vice versa and this will eventually end the relationship. He therefore has the mindset that the sexual encounters will never meet the goal. Therefore everything is perversion. Never satisfied. Nagel's correction say that the complex mutual perception can be achieved, thus there can be successful sexual encounters. Thus perversion occurs … ? Romeo & Juliet in a mirror cocktail lounge; structure of sexual desire 1. Romeo senses (aroused by her) Juliet. He thus becomes more aware of his own body than she is of hers. 2. Juliet then sees Romeo but he is unaware of it. (Same feelings)
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