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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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PHIL 2170
Letitia Meynell

Moulton 'sexual behavior: another position' The old couple, married/or not. - This sexual encounter can still be satisfying Sex & Enjoyment Sex isn't about enjoyment (rather about expression) Sullivan says. Moulton does not agree. She rebuttals, why would enjoyment hinder self-expression. You can still go on a hike and enjoy it. You however cannot try to fix a car and hike. SO, some things do hinder an activity but NOT enjoyment. If you're trying to enjoy it you're going to do it in a certain way (i.e. taking time to enjoy scenery, or taking a rock out of your shoe to continue enjoying it while if you were timing yourself or not enjoying it you'd leave it there and rush on) Solomon makes the mistake of associating enjoyment with orgasms, his argument is orgasm isn't the appropriate goal of sex. - But orgasm is still important. SO is the essential goal of sexual behavior self-expression? Attitudes can be expressed through sex; - Love, tenderness, shyness, jealousy, etc. But are these best expressed through sex? NO! Language does more than SIMPLY communicate content. It's is good when you hear "I love you too." rather than "Uh huh." after you've said "I love you." to someone. Do strangers have better sex than an old married couple who've been repeating the same message for years? - 1st
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