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Virtue of Erotic Love

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Dalhousie University
PHIL 2170
Letitia Meynell

The Virtue of Erotic Love • Understand Romantic Love as a virtue • Broaden philosophical views of ethics The character of romantic love Why Eros is not considered a virtue (the target) • Reduction to sexuality & identification of se with recreation or procreation, which have no intent of ethical value ◊ Recreation and procreation have no ethical value • Remember Solomon notes it is a means of communicating • Love is an emotion and emotions are thought to be irrational ◊ Since ethics are rations this argument means love can't be ethical • Eros is selfish and is often harmful to others • Solomon's response ' …these objections demean and misunderstand…' Traditional conception of moral philosophy and what's left out • Morality is objective, rational, based on principles and avoids personal/subjective perspectives - Thus it leaves out the emotions • Solomon's response; this is weird as these appear to be an important part of our moral lives. - Character? Our evaluations of character have to do with feeling ○ Character flaw if you're always fearful - fear is an emotion - We tend to think that love itself is admirable, apart from i
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