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DH Lawrence

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PHIL 2170
Samantha Copeland

Friday, January 7, 2011 DH Lawrence – Lady Chatterley’s Lover's_Lover • Why is it illicit? Class issues, content, explicit sex scenes – claimed as pornography (“You wouldn’t let so-and-so read this”) • The ‘norms’ become contested – goes against the status quo of the time • Tells the story of Lady Chatterley’s realization Quotes (refer to ppt/Course Reader): “And this is the real point of this book. I want men and women to think sex, fully, completely, honestly and cleanly.” – DH Lawrence • Think sex – Grounding concept. Attitude towards sex, love, marriage, our bodies, etc. o Moral concept? Every time we say that there is a way to think sex properly, is there a moral way? Natural vs. moral • Cleanly – Tagged on ironically, missing the point of ‘clean’, sarcasm? Open question • Fully, completely, honestly – Think sex is different than thinking about sex  experiencing bodily thought. Think sex is thoughtfully experiencing our sexual desires  joining mind and body “All this talk of young girls and virginity…” (refer to ppt) • We’re not born empty, blank slates, etc. • Harmony of sexual act and sexual thought achieves completion, maturity • “One does not interfere with the other” (reference to sexual act vs. sexual thought) “Keep your perversions if you like them…” • Puritanism – abnormal sexual behaviour • Dirty mind – perverting that thought by thinking about it in a dirty mind. By referring to a thought as dirty is labeling it, propagating the smut • Licentiousness – Not disrespect of God, but rather disrespecting yourself. Ex. To wear a revealing shirt is to advertise that you’re a sexual being  You’re naturally sexual, don’t need to use fashion to show it. Fake sexuality, as opposed to natural sexuality. “The body of men and women today is just a trained dog…” • If we ignore the way we naturally feel, we eventually stop to feel that way. The idea of teaching ourselves not what, but how we feel (purity, ideals, etc.) eventually makes it so we can only act in certain ways. “People wallow in emotion: counterfeit emotion.” • We’re all acting in the ways we think we ought to act – but the feelings aren’t there. Where are they supposed to come from? “Sex lashes out against counterfeit emotion…” • Could mean physical sex organs • Sex is the act of principle, an idea unique to Lawrence • Role of sex is to protect us against counterfeit love – rises up and takes over “When a women’s sex is in itself dynamic and alive…” • Reason – leaves the realm of love and passion “The is what the matter with us.” • Condemnation of marriage • Love is a union between people, and earthly, natural, rhythmic origins • Can’t have stable, constructed love  It’s organic • Isn’t a static ideal – will cause relationships to stagnate “Sex is the balance of male and female in the universe…” • Not the ability to define love – but to take a ride with love. Pay attention to thoughts as they change. Not generic Sex vs. Love? • Sex is th
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