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PHIL 2170
Samantha Copeland

January 12, 2011 • There is a difference between how we feel emotions and how we express them. • Paternal love – agape – equated to Christian love; love despite qualities. Halwani – puts paternal love in Philia. However: in the case of adoption, a parent can love a child that isn’t her own. Does God love us in the way parents love children, or love us just because we’re people, his creations? “Love is an Emotion” Halwani is trying to prove true – show what love is, what emotion is, how they’re the same. Counterarguments from “Love” • Love is a virtue (p.16) – no, because virtues are character traits, and virtues are inherently moral, whereas love is not a character trait and it can be either moral or immoral.  Factors in determining morality: methods, who is loved, etc. o Ability to love may be a character trait, but people who love aren’t necessarily better people because they love o Opposite of virtue – ‘vice’ – virtues make people better (i.e. being patients) whereas vices demoralize people (i.e. prostitution) • Love is a set of desires (p.14-15) o A set of desires is neither a sufficient description of love (there is more to it) nor a necessary option (we can describe love as an emotion instead).  If you came up with a ‘full set of desires’, there
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