PHIL 2170 Lecture Notes - Agathon, D. H. Lawrence, Unintended Consequences

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Loving: nozick wants to create a we" in which we" can then engage the world as a united entity the idea of couple" metaphysical in aristophanes; Nozick sense of the union, not the physical union that"s important becomes the end itself; relationship that we"re looking for. Times of chaos must be ruled by necessity; love is dictated by order (love without order unachievable?) Love does not exist where necessity rules; we can only have love when we aren"t ruled by necessity; love is a luxury. Aristophanes: socrates is teaching people things that make very little sense i. e. bad things about politics, wrong things about the gods, etc. Explains the strong desire to unite with someone: unintended consequence: presence of love. We now spend our entire lives seeking our other half: explains the need for wanting to spend a life with someone.