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Dalhousie University
PHIL 2170
Samantha Copeland

Friday, January 21, 2011 “Only someone who continues to possess a nonsubservient autonomy can be an apt partner in a joint identity that enlarges and enhances your individual one. (233)” An ideal/limit for what counts as ‘love’? Idea that you don’t get a loving relationship if you’re subservient Personal Autonomy (SEP): “Self-governing agents are autonomous agents” • Ties in responsibility, accountability Aristophanes suggests we have a single partner that we’re dragged to by our metaphysical nature; Nozick suggests that while love and desire have something to do with the relationship, free will and choice also play a role; making a choice to be involved in such a relationship. We seek out someone suitable to become a ‘we’ with – we look for certain characteristics – not a singular person. Union has priority over people in the union. The desire for union has us looking at people in a different way. Process requires autonomy. ‘We’ must be desired and chosen by both members – can’t passively accept the relationship; need to make it for themselves “The caution may become as great as when two suspicious groups or nations – Israel and the Palestinians – need to recognize the legitimacy of one another. (235)” • Related to the legitimacy of another person? Fair comparison? • Not just legitimate as a person, take each other as autonomous individuals and it’s respected • Appreciation of the autonomy, agreement not to interfere, expectation that you’re not going to be subservient to the other “A readiness to trade up…” • Directly criticizi
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