PHIL 2170 Lecture Notes - Orgasm, Shyness

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15 Nov 2011
March 9th, 2011
Janice Moulton
I believe that sexual behaviour will not fit any single characterization; that there are at
least two sorts of sexual behaviour to characterize.
More than one sexual behaviour – can’t start with a single account of sexual
behaviour. Solomon/Nagle only give one account
Solomon/Nagle try to define normal sex?
Suggests it’s hard to come up with a definition of ‘normal sex’
…I shall argue that most sexual behaviour does not involve flirtation and seduction, and
that what characterizes flirtation and seduction is not what characterizes the sexual
behaviour of regular partners.
Bad characterization/bad generalization(unlike the other parts)
Show that was characterizes flirtation/seduction doesn’t generalize sexual
behaviour – that aspect is unlike other aspects of our sexual behaviour. Need a
new account of what’s been left out
Solomon criticizes long-term relationships as less interesting – sets up a stage of
ideals. Both focused too much on that first part (:Moulton)
Reflection of conflating sexual anticipation and satisfaction
Sexual Anticipation:
Often independent of physical contact
Increases with uncertainty, novelty
Associated with conquest, success
Sexual Satisfaction:
Usually includes physical contact
Increases with familiarity, intimacy
Associated with trust, love
Anticipate satisfaction, but shouldn’t conflate the two. Brought about in two different
The trouble with Nagle:
If his account is true, any sex that happens without first generating multi-levels of
awareness and arousals is perverse – too broad of a definition
His account requires us to engage as individuals, instead of sharing pleasure – in
order for arousal to take place, we have to not engage, not know much about each
other etc. Left out a whole category of sexual behaviour – you can’t have that
kind of communication; you need arousal. Sharing of pleasure is an important
part of the human experience
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