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Gender Based Argument

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PHIL 2170
Samantha Copeland

March 30, 2011 Normativity aspect – ideal form of marriage and should be practiced as such, because marriage sets up the site of civic virtues and the virtues developed are unique to marriage, or sets people up to learn those things (i.e. mutual respect, responsibility, etc.) • Problematic because when we argue for a version of marriage because it reinforces the traditional view of the family. (Calhoun) We should question the traditional value itself (i.e. do we need a man and a woman) Gender Based Argument 1. Same-sex relationships tend to be more egalitarian than heterosexual ones 2. Same sex relationships set an example heterosexuals will follow 3. But there are two essential kinds of people – men and women 4. And, only heterosexual unions preserve gender differences (and therefore, male dominance)  in homosexual relationships there is no gender difference; perversion of gender difference 5. So, prohib
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