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Greta Christina Cont'd

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PHIL 2170
Samantha Copeland

Wednesday, February 15, 2011 Greta Christina Cont’d • Greta Christina – Thinking of someone who acts, not the acts themselves. The way she judges herself affects the way she judges her actions. She’s not the kind of person who acts in a cheating way (ex. Jean). Why do we judge sex acts as good, bad, moral, perverted? Goldman – change the way we think about sex acts In order to understand why the effects affect us the way they do, we need to understand what a sex act is. Sex acts are a kind of behavior • “The same behaviour is sometimes sexual, sometimes not.” (124) o Doesn’t work with all behaviour. Sex is necessarily sexual (intercourse is the clear case, oral sex) o While there are some behaviours that are sexual, some are sometimes sexual, sometimes not (ex. Wet willy – you can imagine both extremes) • Some behaviour is necessarily sexual (124/5) Sex acts require contact between sexual body parts • Not sufficient; other reasons make contact sexual (125) [ex. When a woman goes to a gynecologist]  context that makes the act sexual, not the act itself • Not necessary; there are non-contact sexual activities; voyeurism. Excludes things we would want to call sexual. Lots of things we call sexual that don’t fit this definition – it’s too narrow • “Whether a body part is sexual depends on what it is doing or what it being done to it” (125) – sex act that makes body parts sexual (ex. Inner thigh, ear lobe can be sexual or non-sexual, in a certain context) – circular attempt to define sex act Sex acts involve or produce sexual pleasure. (125) • Pleasure isn’t necessary for it to be sexual (126) – can derive pleasure from many things. It might be sexual but not a sex act that produces pleasure. • Pleasure isn’t sufficient to make it an action (126/7) • “All sexual acts are sexual experiences, but not all sexual experiences are sexual acts, and this is where the trouble beings.” (127) ex. Sleeping – Greta Christina – consent is necessary. Goes against will. Can be counted as an action – something we do willingly – something we do consciously. If we count experiences as actions, we count the things done to us as actions as well – seems unfair (ex. Something unconsentual) – takes away the element of choice. Actions require a certain amount of conscious deliberation • Too broad – sexual experience with sexual acts. Every thought, action, etc. which causes pleasure means a sex act – means you’re acting all the time. Way too broad of a definition. Sex acts are intended to be sex acts. (127) • Can’t be the intention to commit a sex act [circular] (127) “a sex act is when I intend to commit a sex act” – can’t just be intention that gives sexuality of the act • Can’t be the intention to physically interact [too inclusive] Plan to physically interact all the time (ex. Hug, ass-slapping after a football game) • Can’t be the intention to produce pleasure [not necessary] – If the sex act only requires the intention to produce pleasure, takes things we normally consider sex acts (ex. Sadism, angry sex) • Also, some acts produce pleasure but are not sexual [not sufficie
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